Saferpay Fraud Intelligence Enterprise is aimed towards large merchants and businesses, offering the highest amount of flexibility, control and fine-tuning, allowing to precisely dial in your needs. This solution allows for the best possible fraud detection in exchange for a higher complexibility in integration.
If you are looking for lightweight, less complex, yet still powerful option, you should go with Fraud Intelligence Business instead.

The three steps to set up your Fraud Intelligence Enterprise module

  1. 1.
    Initial Setup in the Saferpay Backoffice
  2. 2.
    Extending Integration for Fraud Prevention Module Enterprise
  3. 3.
    Setup and Go-Live
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Setup and Go-Live

You get your User Account set by Fraugster, please use it to access your Fire Dashboard. You can configure your risk rules, test and analyse their performance there.
For this, please refer to Fire User Manual. Find all necessary information within Fire Dashboard: