Saferpay Backoffice User Manual
Saferpay makes it extremely easy and safe for you to use today’s means of payment as well as those of the future. This document provides a detailed description and notification of the operation and functionality of using Saferpay Backoffice.
We generally recommend, logging into the Backoffice at least once a week, to check your activity.


As a Web-based application, the Backoffice does not require any special kind of software installed, besides a current and up-to-date web browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, installed on your device. As a result, the Backoffice can be accessed from any device, like your phone, over tablets, to your work PC.

User access

Furthermore, you need a Saferpay Account and a connected Saferpay Backoffice login, with password, which you usually receive alongside your contractual data, once your Saferpay Account is ready to use.
Please keep your Saferpay login somewhere safe and do not share your credentials over the Internet.
Saferpay will never ask you for your login credentials like your password.
Please keep in mind, that the Live and Test-environments are separated systems, with their own set of login credentials. Please make sure, to not confuse your credentials!
Your Backoffice login usually has the following format: e123456001
The "e" (E Commerce) being the type of the login. There are others, like "t", which is used for your technicians and system administrators.
The next number (123456) is your CustomerID, or Saferpay account number. Everything about your Saferpay account is connected to that number.
The last digits are the overall user number, for that account, with, in this example, the 001 indicating the first user.
New users can always be requested through your contractual contact/account manager, should you be in need for more logins for your coworkers.
Important: Please understand, that only the contract holder, of the given Saferpay account, may request new logins, as access to the Backoffice may grant major privileges on your Saferpay Account.


To access the Backoffice, please open up your browser and navigate to:
For the Live-Backoffice: For the Test-Backoffice:
​ Enter your username and password and click on Sign in.
Please make sure, that you use the correct upper- and lower-case spelling.
After five failed attempts, your login will be locked. In order for it to be unlocked, please contact our support teams.

First login

On your first login, you will be asked to change the password, you have gotten from Saferpay, in order to ensure, that no one else, but you, can log into the Backoffice.
You will be required to change your password every 90 days. However this will not interfere with the functionality of the Saferpay API and thusly, your webshop. It only affects your Backoffice login.
After 180 days of inactivity, your login will automatically be locked. You can also contact our support teams to unlock your account.


To exit the Saferpay Backoffice, click on the „Logout” button on the upper right of the page.
The Saferpay Backoffice will timeout if it remains unused for 15 minutes. You will be automatically logged out if you do not use Backoffice within this time span.
Note that you may not have all the menu items available on your login. Don't worry. It depends on the signed contract and the additional features, you may have asked for, for your Saferpay account. If you have any questions, or are interested in a certain feature, that is not yet available to you, you always can contact your account manager at our sales team.
Furthermore, your account may be willingly limited in its access. However each Saferpay account has at least one Admin login, with access to every feature available on that account.
All actions made by a certain login are logged by Saferpay to combat fraud.