Saferpay OnSite

Saferpay OnSite takes the premise of Point Of Sales (POS) and combines it with the ease of use and security of E-Commerce.

It is a mobile POS-Solution, intended to run on mobile devices, like tablets and phones, so merchants can offer payment-solutions on the go for their clients, without the need for physical card-terminals. The payment itself is completely carried out on the payers mobile device, making Saferpay OnSite perfect for scenarios, like conventions, or weekly markets, where a full cash system would be too bulky to carry around.

Since it is based upon the Saferpay Secure PayGate, it also offers the whole array of payment methods, usable through Saferpay. This also includes payment methods and features, that usually are absent from POS, like PayPal or 3D Secure.


Saferpay OnSite has the following requirements:


In order to log into the Saferpay OnSite portal, please navigate first to the Saferpay Backoffice.

Saferpay OnSite will be displayed as a new tab besides the Backoffice and will use the same login.


Once logged in, you will be presented with the OnSite dashboard, where you can create new payment links, log yourself out and change your preferred language.

By clicking on Create new payment link, you will be redirected to the input form.

There, you can edit things like the terminal you want to use, the payment description, a reference number, the currency and the payment amount.

Some fields, like the description and the reference number will be pre-filled for your convenience, but you can edit them, if you like to do so.

Click on Create new payment link, in order to generate the QR code

QR code

Saferpay will automatically create the QR-code for you, which your customer then can scan with their mobile device.

Upon scanning, the user will be redirected to the Saferpay Payment Page, where they can select their desired payment method, in order to pay. An indicator will appear, to indicate, that this payment is currently in progress.

End of payment

Once completed, you will be notified about the outcome of the payment.

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