Integrating Saferpay

Saferpay offers various ways to integrate payments into your application. This guide focuses on the usage of the Saferpay JSON API. Please see the Interfaces section for other options.

The Saferpay JSON API (JavaScript Object Notation Application Programming Interface), is a modern streamlined interface that is independent of programming languages. The API supports all Saferpay methods and is suitable for all shop systems, call centre solutions, merchandise management, ERP and CRM systems and other applications in which online payments are processed. This Integration Guide focuses on the basics of the Saferpay JSON API and serves as a guide for programmers, developers and integrators.

This Guide uses the Saferpay JSON-API Specification as a base reference and will frequently link to the respective Requests. All requests and parameters are specified there.

The sequential steps of the general integration process are described in our Step-by-step Integration-Manual.

Using the JSON API requires the following:

  • at least one active Saferpay terminal via which payments can be carried out

  • a Saferpay terminal number (TerminalId parameter) and your Saferpay customer number (CustomerId parameter).

  • a valid acceptance agreement for credit cards or other payment methods.

  • an environment, that is capable of doing https-POST requests, with JSON payload. Most frameworks and programming languages already support this out of the box. However some shops and environments are rather unflexible, so checking this requirement, before integrating the JSON API, is very important.

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