Account-to-Account Payments

Account-to-account payments are available exclusively to dedicated pilot merchants.
Account-to-Account Payments (bank transfer) is a new Worldline payment method. Transactions can be processed via the Saferpay JSON API. However, as also third party provider MSP and banks are involved in the process, there are a few things to consider.


The handling of Account-to-Account Payments with Saferpay requires:
  • A corresponding license and thus a valid identification with a username and password for the Saferpay system.
  • At least one active Saferpay terminal on which the payment can be carried out. This could be a Saferpay Payment Page or a Saferpay Secure PayGate terminal.
  • A valid Account-To-Account acquiring contract
The Account-to-Account transaction is approved and payment is guaranteed once funds are transferred to the Worldline account. Until that moment, the transaction remains in the pending status. In the case of real-time payment (SCT Inst.), the transaction is expected to be processed within several seconds. For other payments - up to 3-4 days. The transaction is expired if no status is received within the next 96 hours.
You can monitor the status on the "Pending Authorizations" page in the Backoffice:

Supported features

Multipart Captures
Secure Card Data
Recurring Payments
3D Secure
Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
Mail Phone Order
Secure PayGate


The general integration of Account-to-Account Payments can only be done via the Payment Page and requires the following things to be noted:
  • As banks do not allow Iframe integration, Saferpay will break out of the Iframe, so the payment may be performed, using a full-size payment page.
  • JSON API Version 1.33 or later is expected. One Return Url is mandatory for this payment method. Account-to-Account transactions are captured automatically.
  • Refund:
    • A refund cannot be cancelled, so make sure that you really want to execute it. The refund amount may be less than or equal to the original payment amount. Refund is not available in the pilot phase. Refunds are expected to be available in November 2023.
    • Note that the CaptureId, needed for a refund, is returned as part of the response of Payment Page Assert.
  • The parameters OrderId and PayerNote are limited to 50 characters.
  • The notification URLs, inside theNotification container are mandatory, in order to avoid missing payment successes. See the Payment Page process for further information.
  • At checkout, the payment method could be described as follows: "Pay straight from your bank account through your online banking. It's simple, secure and certified by European regulatory authorities."


Please refer to this chapter, if you want to test Account-to-Account Payments.