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Payment Page checklist


Thank you for choosing the Saferpay online payment system. We are happy to provide you with a checklist to help you integrate the Saferpay Payment Page (PP) into your platform.

Target group

This website is aimed at programmers and merchants who want to integrate the Saferpay interface individually.
For all other merchants: Please see our large collection of Saferpay Plugins for common shop environments.


Please send us your feedback and comments or suggestions regarding this checklist by e-mail using your Saferpay Customer ID to [email protected].

Testing environment

Saferpay offers you the opportunity to test all interfaces with a test account set up specifically for you. To sign up, click on the following link:


To do this, log into the Saferpay Backoffice first.
  • Set up JSON API credentials
    First you need to create your JSON API credentials.
  • Set up important notifications
    Please ensure to set up your mail notifications, to get informed about important topics, like technical changes on the Saferpay interface, deactivation of features, releasenotes and more.
  • Payment Page configuration
    If desired, you can also customize the Payment Page, using a Payment Page configuration.

Before payment

For more information about Payment Page Initialize, please see our Payment Page Integration Guide.
  • Displayed amount and currency
    The amount and currency are correctly displayed.
  • Correct final amount
    Shipping costs, etc. are included in the final amount.
  • Selected means of payment
    The means of payment are correctly displayed.
  • Offer description
    The offer description is correctly displayed.
  • ReturnURLs
    The ReturnUrls are set correctly.
    • Successful transactions: success link
    • Rejected transactions: fail link
    • Abort URL: for cancelled transactions. If this is not set, the fail link will be used instead!
  • Order ID Check if the Order ID is submitted.
  • Notification URLs
    The Notification URLs are submitted correctly.
We strongly recommend that you work with the Notification URLs!


  • Displayed information The information on the Payment Page is displayed correctly
    • Payment Methods: The desired payment methods are displayed correctly.
    • Amount: The amount is correct.
    • Description: The description is to your liking.
    • Merchant Information: The information about the merchant is correct.
The merchant information is stored on Saferpay side. You can't change it via the Saferpay Backoffice! If you need adaptions on live environment, please contact your account manager. For changes on test environment contact the Saferpay Integration Support ([email protected])

After the payment

  • Return URL Depending on the outcome of the transaction, the customer will be redirected to one of the following URLs:
    • Successful transactions: success link
    • Rejected transactions: fail link
    • Abort URL: for cancelled transactions. If this is not set, the fail link will be used instead!
  • Notification URLs Notification URLs were called. This confirms the current transaction status to your shop, in addition to the Return URLs.
  • Confirms/validates the payment
    The Payment Page Assert was called on Notification/|redirect to Return URLs and the data has been validated successfully:
    • LiabilityShift: This transaction has liabilityshift through 3D Secure.
    • Transaction.Id: The transactionId has been extracted and saved for further processing
    • Transaction.Status: The transaction status has been processed correctly and thus determined, if the next step is necessary/possible.
  • Capture/Cancel The transaction is either captured/booked, or cancelled, based on the outcome of the Assert
  • E-Mail notifications (optional) You, your employee and/or the customer have been notified of the payment.


If you have any technical questions, please contact our integration support team. They will be happy to assist you.