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Make sure that you NEVER accidently submit your real card details via email, neither by text nor by screen shot, when contacting us! If the mail is intercepted, or your mail service provider is compromised, then your -or your customers- card details will be leaked to the public.

Please help us, to help you!

We're always eager to help you, however you can also help, making this process easier and faster. Here are a few tips about what to say, or include into your inquiries, if contacting us. These things make it easier to identify you and your problem:

You do not know, what these are and how to get them? Don't worry. We do have an extensive list of Saferpay terms, with an explanation of what they are and how to get them over here.

  • Contacting the right place: The first thing is to know, who to contact, if you have an issue. Please see our contacts and also their description/responsibilities below.

  • CustomerId, Backoffice Username and/or TerminalId: In any case, we first need to know who you are. We have thousands of customers, so giving us one -better all- of these IDs, helps us to filter through our systems and identify problems, that are related to your account.

  • Error message: Our API does return error-messages. In many cases, these are already sufficient to identify your issue, making a longer analysis not necessary.

  • TransactionId: Every Saferpay transaction gets a unique identifier from the Saferpay System. Even declined transactions do get one. It is returned by our API to your system, but is also included in the Backoffice. If you have issues with a specific transaction, you can give us this ID and we'll find it right away.

Please note, that we only keep detailed logs of any transaction for no more, than 3 weeks, due to performance and space constraints! If your transaction is older, then we can no longer analyze your issue in great detail!

  • Timestamp: In cases, where no TransactionId is present, you should give us a timestamp of when exactly you have encountered your problem. The more precise, the better, especially, if you are processing a lot of transactions in a short time-frame. However note, that our systems work within Central European Time. So if you are in another time-zone, please consider this, when contacting us.

Support Centers

Do you have questions or a technical problem regarding logging in? Our specialized service teams can provide you with expert information. Here you will find the direct telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and service times for all teams:

Regional support

Worldline Sales team

Do you have questions about your contract? Do you want certain payment methods to be activated, do you need a change in your contract, a new terminal, or access to anotherworldline product?

Please contact your account manager, if you already have a Saferpay account. Your account-manager is the person, you have signed your current contracts with. He/she is responsible for your account and your contract on worldline side.

When in doubt, you can also contact our sales in general.


Tel.: +41 848 66 33 33 Mail:

Customer services

Do you have any inquiries about your account, like missing access to certain areas in the backoffice, the activation of 3rd party payment methods, or the creation of new logins for your employees? Please contact our customer and activation service.



Poland Phone: +48 22 457 75 20

Hungary Phone: +800 0074 9729

Croatia Phone: +800 222 517

Slovenia Phone: +386 1 600 11 51

Czechia Phone: +800 0074 9729

Great Britain


International/Other Phone: +41 848 66 4444

Integration Support

Do you require assistance with the technical integration of Saferpay or have an issue with your test login? Do not hesitate to contact the Saferpay Integration Team. Please mention your Customer ID and/or Terminal ID if available.


Saferpay Integration Team

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