Declined transactions

Here you will find your failed transaction attempts. It will list the Terminal, the Reference number, he Reason why the transaction has failed, Amount and Currency, the Transaction ID, the Payment provider/processor and detail of the means of payment, that have been used. At the top right, you can search for a transaction, by using the Reference number/OrderId, given by your shop. By clicking on Details for a specific transaction, you can view more detailed information about the attempt. Furthermore, you can export this journal, by clicking on Export declined transactions at the bottom left.

By clicking the Advanced Search icon in the top right, you can further specify filters, to narrow down your search, like the Time period, Currency, the amount-range, specify the decline reason (Declined by), or the terminal.

This way, you can give yourself a more specific overview over your declined transactions.

Declined reservations details

Under the details, you can gather more information about the decline, like the full error, the amount, Saferpay Transaction ID, the order Description aswell as the masked Card number, which can also be de-masked, similar to the normal Journal.

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