Batch Close

Under Batch Close, you can view present and past booking periods, export said periods, among more.

What is a Batch Close?

The Batch Close, or daily closing is executed once, each day, on every terminal, that is connected to your Saferpay account. Per default, this happens automatically at 10pm CEST. During this process, all transactions that have passed through the capture, or booking, are filed with the payment method processor, in order to initiate the cash flow.


The overview shows a list of all your booking periods, their opening and closing date, the number of transactions filed, as well as the respective Saferpay terminal.

By clicking on the Advanced Search icon in the top right of the overview, you can filter this view, after a date, the state of the period, a terminal, or you can also search for a specific booking period, by entering its ID.


By clicking on Export for a given booking period, you can download an Excel .xlsx-file. Similar to the Backoffice Export, it contains a list of transactions. However in this case only the transactions, that are filed under this specific booking period.



When you click on Details, you'll get an overview of the given booking period. That includes the opening date, the date of closing, the terminal, the booking period is attached to, the number of instructions and then a listing of the amount made per currency and payment method.


If you want, you can get a listing of all transactions, included in a given booking period, if you click on Show transactions in the Detail-view. This will lead you to the Transaction Journal, displaying the connected transactions.

Triggering the Batch


If desired, the Batch Close also be triggered via the Saferpay API. The request necessary for this is called Batch Close.

Before you can use the API, you need to disable the daily closing in the Saferpay Backoffice via Settings => Terminals for the respective terminal. Closing should be carried out only once a day.

Via the Backoffice

You can also trigger the batch, by clicking on the Batch Close button, on the Booking period details page.

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