The Home screen

The home screen is the first thing you see upon login.

It offers you an overview of the status of your account, like important messages, analytics, recent transactions, open booking periods and more.

This may be overwhelming at first, so this chapter will give you a rundown of everything you see.

The Header

The Header houses information about the environment you are currently on (1) -in this case the test environment-, the user you are logged into (2), your Customer-ID (3), the Backoffice language (4) and also the logout-button (5).

The Navigation

Below that, you will find the navigation, giving you access to all the different areas of the Backoffice. These areas will be explained in more detail later. If you want, you can already navigate there, by clicking on the respective chapter on your right and content on your left! This area, alongside the header, will always be accessible to you, at any point.

The Content Area

The Content is divided into multiple sections, to give you an organized overview of the status, of your account.

Like current messages, your last login and your available transaction points, which are used to execute transactions.

Note, that not all accounts use the transaction point-system.


Below, you'll find an Analytics overview, giving you numbers on your total transactions, declines and cancellations. By clicking on the Analytics link in the top right, you can directly access the Analytics area, for more detailed information.

Transaction Overview

Next, you will find an overview of the last transactions, that have been executed on your account, with Info, like the date, the state, the amount and currency, as well as the used means of payment.

You can either access the complete transaction journal, by clicking on Show all in the top right, or you can view detailed information about a single transaction, by clicking on the respective Details link.

Booking Period

Below, you will find information about the current booking period. Every transaction on a given Terminal, falls under one booking period, which usually is one day, going from 10pm CET to 10pm CET the following day, though that can be changed, if you wish.

All transactions, made in that time, that do have the state Payment (Debit), will be submitted for final processing, once the booking period closes.

You can access more information and options, by clicking on Show all, or on Details, if you want more detailed information about a specific period.

Note, that a closing is mandatory, for a transaction to be completely processed! By default, this happens automatically at 10pm CET, for all Payment (Debit) transactions. However, if you see open periods with a date long in the past, someone may -unwillingly- has changed the behavior and there is still money waiting to be processed.


On the right, you can see the News section, which contains important information about the state of Saferpay and other important information.

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