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Saferpay offers quite a few licenses and packages, that each offer different functionality.
The (un-)availability of certain features can be imperative to the merchant, thusly, the decision about what feature-package to use, should be made pretty early during integration, so the integrator also knows, what tools he/she has to his/her disposal.
The following chapters will give an overview about the licenses and their available feature set.
These feature-sets and licenses are only applicable for the following countries:
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Lichtenstein
  • Austria
If you are in any other country, please refer to the legacy licensing!
Also note, that, even if you are inside these countries, you may still have an old contract. Please contact your contract-manager, or our sales-team for more information.
In any case, if you have any questions about Saferpay licensing and/or pricing, please contact your account-manager, or our sales-team.

Licenses and featuresets

Saferpay differentiates between four basic licenses, with the following available sets of features:
QR Payment
GoCard ePayments
MOTO Terminal
E-Commerce Terminal
Additional Terminals
Payment means activation
Self-Service Payment means
Payment Page
Hosted Entry Form
Hosted Register Form
3D Secure
Documentation and Guides
⚠ - Upselling-option available. Please ask your contact at our sales.

What happens, if you do not have the right license?

In case you are using Saferpay, e.g. the Payment API, without the corresponding license, the API will throw an error:
"ResponseHeader": {
"SpecVersion": "1.10",
"RequestId": "[your request id]"
"Behavior": "ABORT",
"ErrorMessage": "Permission denied",
"ErrorDetail": [
"Invalid license"
In this case, you'll have three options to proceed:
Option 1: You can contact your sales contact and ask for a change to the correct license, so you have access to the needed functions.
Option 2: If you are not happy with option 1, another option would be to redo your integration/use the available features.
If you are using an official plug-in/integration from our partners, it may only be a configuration issue, where you accedentially turned on a feature, that is not available to you.

Query the License via API

Saferpay also offers the possibility to query your license-configuration via API. This may be useful, if you intend on offering your implementation to multiple users, or for marketplaces. It enables you to automatically configure the available features, without the merchant having to do this manually.


This an example, of how a response may look like:
"Package": {
"DisplayName": "Saferpay Flex"
"Features": [
"DisplayName": "Batch Processing"
"DisplayName": "Hosted Entry Form"
"DisplayName": "Hosted Register Form"
"DisplayName": "Omnichannel"
"DisplayName": "Saferpay Fields"
"DisplayName": "Secure Card Data"
"DisplayName": "Payment API"
"DisplayName": "Management API"
"DisplayName": "Secure PayGate Single-Use Payment Links"
"DisplayName": "Secure PayGate Multi-Use Payment Links"