SEPA Refunds Export

Saferpay does offer the possibility to accept refunds for certain SEPA-based payment methods. However those need special attention. Reason being, that SEPA does not directly offer refunds, which is just in the nature of the payment-system itself. Due to this, Saferpay offers a workaround, to make manual SEPA-refunds easier for the merchant.

Before this feature can be used, it must be activated under Settings > Processing.

Each SEPA-based refund is filed into this special journal, where you -the merchant- can request an export of these transactions, by either selecting the transactions you want, or you simply export all the new refunds, that haven't been exported yet.

Example Export

This export was created on the Saferpay Test-Environment and does not include real bank account information! It can merely be used to get an understanding of the file-format.

Not all banks may support this upload feature. Please contact your bank, for further information.

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