eps is a third party means of payment by the Austrian banks. To process eps via the Saferpay JSON API, a few things must be observed.


The handling of eps payments with Saferpay requires:

  • A corresponding license and thus a valid identification with a username and password for the Saferpay system.

  • Availability of at least one active Saferpay terminal via which payment can be carried out, and availability of the associated Saferpay TerminalId.

  • A valid acceptance agreement for eps.

For eps activation Saferpay needs:

  • Your eps Merchant ID.

  • Your eps IBAN.

  • Your eps BIC.

  • Your eps PIN.

  • The Currency your customers will purchase with eps.

  • Your Saferpay Customer ID.

  • The ID of the Saferpay eCommerce Terminal eps has to be added.

For eps activation on the Saferpay terminal, please inform our customer service about your eps credentials and the desired currency.

Supported features




Multipart Captures

Secure Card Data

Recurring Payments

3D Secure

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Mail Phone Order



The general integration of eps can only be done via the Payment Page and requires the following things to be noted:

  • The notification URLs, inside theNotification conatiner are mandatory, in order to avoid missing payment successes. See the Payment Page process for further information.

  • Transactions made before 18.05.2021 cannot be refunded, as they're made via an old protocol-version!

  • Sometimes, Saferpay will not recieve the information necessary from eps, to be able to do a refund. In this case a refund will also not be possible!

  • Only referenced refunds are possible, as eps does not support the generation of an alias!

Furthermore, for other flows (Refunds etc.), please refer to the table above.

eps does not support the iFrame Integration!


Please refer to this chapter, if you want to test eps.

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