Legacy licensing

Saferpay distinguishes between two licences:

  • Saferpay eCommerce

  • Saferpay Business

It is extremely important to clarify before the implementation of Saferpay, whether an eCommerce licence or a business license is to be used, as they provide different functions. The Saferpay Business licence is an extension of the eCommerce licence. If you have any questions, please contact your relevant contractually appointed person.

Inside the API specification, all "Business" requests are marked with the additional Business License tag, to indicate that they may only be used with Saferpay Business.

All Saferpay test accounts do have Business activated by default, for evaluation purposes.

What happens, if you do not have the right license?

In case you are using Saferpay Business without the corresponding license, the API will throw an error:

 "ResponseHeader": {
   "SpecVersion": "1.10",
   "RequestId": "[your request id]"
 "Behavior": "ABORT",
 "ErrorMessage": "Permission denied",
 "ErrorDetail": [
   "Invalid license"

In this case, you'll have three options to proceed:

Option 1: Get a Business license! You can contact your sales contact and ask for a change to Saferpay Business, so you have access to the needed functions.

Option 2: Redo the integration! If you are not happy with option 1, another option would be to redo the whole integration, with the Payment Page in mind.

Option 3: If you are using an official plug-in/integration from our partners, it may be only necessary to switch over to the Payment Page interface inside the shop-configuration. A complete re-integration won't be necessary in this particular case. When in doubt, please consult the user-manual, or contact the plug-in manufacturer directly.

If you have a Saferpay Business contract, but still recieve this error, please contact your sales contact.

Supported API-Methods per license

The following table shows an overview of which functions are included in the two licence models:




PaymentPage Interface

Initialize Payment Page

Assert Payment Page

Transaction Interface

Transaction Initialize

Transaction Authorize

Transaction QueryPaymentMeans

Transaction AdjustAmount

Transaction Authorize Direct

Transaction Authorize Referenced

Transaction Capture

Transaction Cancel

Transaction Refund

Transaction Refund Direct

Transaction Redirect Payment

Transaction Assert Redirect Payment

Transaction AssertCapture

Transaction AssertRefund

Transaction MultipartCapture

Transaction MultipartFinalize

Transaction Inquire

Secure Alias Store

Alias Insert

Alias Assert Insert

Alias Insert Direct

Alias Delete



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