You have completed your testing and are now ready to go live, but do not know how?

Well, if you haven't already, you need to contact our Sales in order to sign a live contract. Please mention the payment methods and currencies you may want to be activated. Some 3rd party payment methods may also require you to configure certain things, like a UserId, or a password. Those are also necessary for our activation-team to know, so you can process the given method, through Saferpay.

We will then activate everything necessary for you and send you the respective logins and Ids (Customer-and TerminalId), you need to go live. However, there are things you need to change on your end, with the Go-Live, before you can start accepting payments:

  • As mentioned, you will get new Logins and IDs (Like the CustomerId and TerminalId) with your live account. Those have to be changed inside your application.

  • The JSON-API user and password need to be set. Once you have received your live Backoffice user, you need to log into the Saferpay Backoffice. There you need to create your own credentials under Settings > JSON API basic authentication or JSON API client certificate. Those credentials have to be entered inside your application, so your system may authenticate itself towards our gateway. It is exactly the same, as with the credentials, you have received with the e-mail for your test account. However, due to security constraints, we will not generate these for you for the live environment. That is why you have to do it yourself.

  • If you are in need of some 3rd party payment methods (e.g. PayPal, Klarna etc.), please make sure, that you also read the respective chapter to that payment method (See the respective Payment Method chapter.), as those contain vital information, not just for integration, but also activation.

  • Lastly, you need to change the request-gateway URL from https://test.saferpay.com/api/[...] to https://www.saferpay.com/api/[...] in order to send your requests to the Saferpay live-system, instead of the test-system. Some pre-made modules (Like our own) however offer a live-mode, or a possibility to set the gateway-URL. Please look inside the admin backend of your shop. As mentioned above, all functions and URLs etc. can also be found on the test environment, by just changing this small detail.

After that, we recommend trying out the payment methods, for example by using your own credit card for a test-order. You can always refund the transaction inside the Saferpay Backoffice (If available for the given payment method. More in the respective payment methods chapter), or inside your shop directly, should you have access to refunds via API. This ensures, that everything works as smoothly, as possible. If you encounter any problems during this test, do not hesitate to contact us, so we may help you fix it as soon, as possible.

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