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Support Requests

Under Support Requests, you'll find the integrated Backoffice ticket system. Should you have a query, or a technical problem, you can ask for help here, by simply clicking on Create a new support request.

Once you have clicked on Create a new support request, you'll find this contact form, where you can give your request a name and a description.

Please be very detailed about your query, as this helps our support-team on the other end. You can also add an attachment, as seen on the right, like a screenshot, or anything else, that may help us to understand your issue.

Furthermore, please make sure, that you set the correct Category, so your Support request may be sent to the right team at Worldline.

Once you have clicked on save, your new request will be displayed in your requests list. There you can see the status, the number of entries, the last reply and by whom and you can view the request.

There, you can see all the existing entries and you can also add anything to your existing query, as well as respond to answers of our support team.

Once our team has answered, you'll get a notification to the e-mail address, you have entered during the creation. It will directly link towards your ticket, or you can simply go there, as explained above.

You can either add something to your request, or, if you decide, that your problem is solved, close the ticket, by clicking on Close at the top right.

Once the ticket is closed, it cannot be re-opened!

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