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An Introduction to Saferpay

Integration and User Guides, Developer-Zone and Changelog
Learn all about integration, interface configuration and how to use Saferpay to ensure that payment solution integration into your business application goes smoothly straight away.
Saferpay is the modern and secure payment service provider for all business application that you can use to process domestic and international e-payments through a secure interface. Easy integration in ERP and CRM systems is guaranteed. All key programming languages and operating systems are also supported and the payment page is optimized for all common devices.
You decide how to integrate Saferpay into your online shop. Whether it’s using a web shop plugin, a partner application or a seamless API integration, Saferpay offers solutions for every requirement.
Saferpay offers many ways of executing payments and integration. This page will guide you on deciding what you need and where to find it.

Finding what you need.

First and foremost, it is important, what you want to do and what you need. When first starting with Saferpay, it can seem intimidating, being handed these tools, that are new for you.
So lets try to point you towards the right direction:
Integration free
Plug & Play
Custom Integration

The Saferpay Backoffice

The Saferpay Backoffice offers a wide array of tools, settings, payment options, analytics and user administration-tools, to make using Saferpay as easy and as fleshed out experience, as possible

User Administration

Not strictly a type of integration, the user administration is a very important tool to manage the access to the Saferpay backoffice for you and your company.
It allows you to create new logins, manage access and permissions, as well as offering basic user management tools, like password reset, access revocation and more. It is the ideal solution for merchants with many employees, that are involved in the payment process, accounting and the like, without the need of sharing one login for all.
The Secure PayGate (SPG) is probably the most versatile, yet easy to use solution, provided by Saferpay.
The SPG allows the creation of payment links/QR-Codes for secure e-commerce payments, sent via e-mail, invoices, sms, or just embedded inside your website.
The SPG uses the Saferpay Payment Page, which offers the full array of all supported payment methods by Saferpay, without the need of an extensive integration, right out of the Saferpay Backoffice.
Due to its nature, you also profit from liability-shift through 3D Secure.
The SPG therefore isn't just interesting for smaller merchants, but also in cases, where you want to invoice your customer for your services.
One example may be hospitality, where you invoice your customers during their stay, without the need for a physical terminal.

Mail Phone Order

Of course Saferpay also supports the classical Mail Phone Order use-cases through the Backoffice. PCI certified and secure, no integration needed.


For common webshop-systems, Saferpay offers an array of plug-ins, to make integration, as easy, as possible. Just download, install, configure and you are done.
Please refer to this chapter for a list of certified interfaces and their release information, in terms of supported features.

Payment API

For those merchants, that have special needs, Saferpay also offers the Payment API, so a custom integration may be done, to fit these needs.
Such a custom integration offers a lot of options to fit Saferpay to your needs, among those are

Payment Page

The Saferpay Payment Page offers an easy to integrate solution for all merchants, that want minimal integration effort, yet also access to all of Saferpays supported payment methods.
Its integration is meant to be as easy as possible, not just in terms of first time integration, but also in terms of future extensions, like new payment methods.

Transaction Interface

The Transaction Interface is for all merchants, that want to have a more flexible and integrated solution. It offers a wide array of options, to customize Saferpay and specifically fit it to your needs

Credit Cards

First and foremost, the Transaction Interface offers a more integrated and also seamless solution for offering credit card payments inside your shop. Unlike the Payment Page, it is meant to be directly embedded inside your webshop.

Saferpay Fields

The Saferpay Fields are an extension of the former flow and offer an even more flexible and seamless integration for credit card payments. Ideal for offering one-page-checkouts and other solutions, that require a lot of flexibility and level of integration. However even for less sophisticated needs, the Saferpay Fields may be exactly, what you are looking for.

Refunds via API

The Payment API of course also offers to execute refunds. Ideal for merchants with ERP-systems and accounting-software. This way, you keep track of not only your normal transactions, but also your refunds.

Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments don't just encompass subscriptions, but also all kinds of unsheduled transactions, to charge your customers for additional services, without their presence.
Click here, if you want to learn more.
Merchants inside the European Economic Area (EEA) must also follow the PSD2-law, when it comes to capturing card data for any kind of recurring payments. Please carefully follow the guide over here!

Partial Captures

Partial Captures offer the possibility of splitting the payout for one transaction into smaller parts. Ideal for merchants, where the delivery of their goods is happening in multiple stages/packages.
Legal requirements in certain countries also require some merchants to only capture the money, if the goods can also be delivered.
Partial Captures allow to transfer only the amount, that is needed at the time.

Saving cards with Secure Card Data

Certain flows and needs require the secure storage of card details, for instance in case of recurring payments, or simply to make the checkout inside your shop as comfortable as possible, without the card holder having to re-enter his/her card details.
Since the storage of card data underlies heavy restrictions and requires an extensive PCI certification, storing the card data on their own is not a viable option for most merchants.
Saferpay Secure Card Data offers a PCI certified and easy to use solution for this conundrum.

Management API

The Management API is involved with everything, that is concerned with the Saferpay Backoffice. It allows the creation of Secure PayGate offers, configuration of certain features, the gathering of information about your terminals (like activated payment methods and currencies), via API.
This allows for a great deal of automisation. Ideal for integrators, that are offering their services to multiple merchants, that want to use Saferpay.

Omni Channel

Omni Channel is the fusion of two, previously strictly separated, worlds:
E Commerce and Point Of Sales (POS).
The Saferpay Omni Channel solution allows for the transfer of card data and even whole transactions between the POS-side and Saferpay/E Commerce.
This allows for a new approach of handling your customers experience, for example:
A customer could order some goods in your webshop, while actually paying, when picking his order up in one of your local affiliates.
The other way around may also be possible, if a customer orders goods locally, but pays for them later.
You can transfer card data from your POS to Saferpay, in order to perform recurring payments, or refunds. There are multiple use-cases for omni-channel.

Mix and match

All these features are part of one API and can work in conjuction with each other. A custom integration gives you the freedom of choosing and combining, whatever you need, so it may fit your needs exactly.
Want to use the Payment Page for transactions, but also the transaction interface for refunds, or recurring payments?
This is all possible and in some cases even needed, like with 3rd party payment methods.


Do you have questions about a feature? Are you unsure, if your desired flow is supported, or do you simply want to make sure, that you understood everything correctly?

Getting things started

So you have decided, what you want to use, but what are the next steps?

Demo & Testing

Saferpay offers an extensive test-environment, where you can try out all these features. Especially, if you have decided for a custom integration, you should first register for a test-account, so you can start integrating.
Please see this chapter over here, about how to get your own test-account and also test-data, like credit card numbers.

Want to take a look at Saferpay, before you start your integration?

Take a look at our Demo over here, to take a look at how Saferpay works and could be integrated into your system.

Getting your Live Account

In order to get your live-account, please contact our Sales Team, to get acces to our live-environment. This process may take a while, so you should do this as soon as possible, while your integration is underway on the test-environment.
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