PostFinance Pay

Via the Saferpay JSON API, payments can be handled through PostFinance Pay.


Acceptance of PostFinance Pay requires:

  • A corresponding license and thus a valid identification with a username and password for the Saferpay system.

  • A valid contract with PostFinance.

Supported features


The general integration of PostFinance Pay can be done via the Payment Page and has the following requirements for integration:

PostFinance Pay transactions are only valid for 30 days and must be captured in this time frame. After 30 days, the reservation will void and the authorized amount can no longer be transferred! However you have a guaranteed payout, within these 30 days.

Refunds may only be executed up to 12 months, after the original transaction.

Storage in the Secure Card Data Store

If you intend on saving PostFinance Pay-data for later use, Saferpay provides the possibility of storing the payment data inside the Saferpay Secure Card store. For this, the following requirements must be met:

  • Activation of Saferpay Secure Card Data in the Saferpay merchant account.

  • The feature must also be activated on PostFinance side.

Stansdalone registration

If you intend to use the standalone registration, you need to specify the parameter Type with the value POSTFINANCEPAY, which signals, that you want to save Postfinance Pay payment means.

  "RegisterAlias": {
    "IdGenerator": "RANDOM_UNIQUE"
  "LanguageCode": "en",
  "RequestHeader": {
    "SpecVersion": "1.37",
    "CustomerId": "242225",
    "RequestId": "5f543be575b3f3ecff3214257ac6978a",
    "RetryIndicator": 0,
    "ClientInfo": {
      "ShopInfo": "My Shop",
      "OsInfo": "Windows Server 2013"
  "ReturnUrl": {
    "Url": ""

Address collection from PostFinance

This function is currently not yet available and will be delivered at a later date.


Please refer to this chapter, if you want to test PostFinance Pay.

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