Croatia currency change

Croatia switched from kuna to euro on 1st January 2023

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Instructions for the merchants

  • The capture should be done in the same currency as the authorisation. For example, if the authorisation is done with kuna (HRK) before the deadline (1st January 2023), the capture should also be HRK.

  • Refunds and subsequent authorisations must to be done in EUR after 1st January 2023.

Backoffice improvements

  • The currency of the «referenced refunds» and subsequent transactions is automatically preselected

  • The amount of the «referenced refunds» and subsequent transactions is pre-calculated using the fix rate HRK/EUR 7.53450 (amount can be edited).

  • Additional text explaining the fix rate and amount calculation is displayed as a tooltip for the amount field.

  • Authorisation and refund amounts are visible on transaction details in both currencies (HRK and EUR).

  • A warning will be displayed if the refund amount exceeds the authorisation amount.


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