Saferpay offers a Shopify extension, so you may easily integrate Saferpay into your Shopify shop.
The following chapters will cover a feature overview, as well as the setup necessary for accepting Saferpay payments through Shopify.


This chapter will give you an overview of the prerequisites and general feature set of the Saferpay Shopify plugin.


  • Acquiring contract with SIX Payment Services
  • An active Saferpay Account, a working login for the Saferpay Backoffice and at least one active eCommerce terminal
  • A set up Shopify shop
Shopify trial accounts do work, but only support the Saferpay Test environment

Supported Features

Payment methods

Payment method
American Express
Apple Pay
Diners Club International
Discover Card
Klarna Payments
Maestro Intl.
Postfinance Card
Postfinance eFinance
  • Not all of the above payment methods are displayed in the Shopify payment method configuration. Please refer to the setup documentation in the next chapter for more information.
  • While Apple Pay is supported, it is not possible to show the Apple Pay logo inside the shop. However the customer may choose Apple Pay, once redirected to the Saferpay Payment Page.

Supported functionality

Multi-part captures
Saferpay Fields
Saferpay Payment Page
Saferpay Transaction Interface - Business Flow
Secure Card Data
The following limitations also apply:
  • While refunds are possible, please note that the Refund button will always be displayed, even for transaction made using a payment method which does not support refunds. Executing a refund will result in an error in this case. Please refer to this chapter for more information.

Adding Saferpay to your Shopify Shop

First you need to add Saferpay as a payment gateway to you Shopify shop. Please proceed as follows.
Step 1: Open the Settings Page of your Shopify Shop. There, click on Payments.
Step 2: Navigate to Alternative payment methods and click on Choose alternative payment.
Step 3: At this stage it is not yet possible to find Saferpay among the available Gateways using the search field. Instead, you have to click this link, or go to the address bar within your browser and add /1051659 to the end of the URL, like this, and hit the enter key, if the redirect does not work for you.
Step 4: The Saferpay Worldline page is displayed.
Step 5: Enter your account information. Make sure that you enter your CustomerId and TerminalId, following the format 123456:17234567, as shown in this picture.
How to find the TerminalId and CustomerId
  1. 1.
    Log into the Saferpay Backoffice
  2. 2.
    Navigate to Settings > Payment Means/Terminals
  3. 3.
    Select the desired eCommerce terminal.
  4. 4.
    Select the CustomerId and the TerminalId, which are displayed respectively above and on the left side of the selected terminal as shown in the following screenshot.
Step 6: Choose and enter a Shopify Shared Secret. The Shared Secret must be a 12 character long password, which must include upper and lower case letters, as well as special characters and numbers. Note this password down, as it is important for later steps.
Step 7: Under Accepted payments, please select the payment methods you want to process and deselect those that you do not.
Please note the following:
  • This list only influences which payment method logos are shown inside your shop and has otherwise no effect. When paying, Saferpay will offer all and only the supported payment methods which are available for the terminal in use, regardless of the selection in this list. Please refer to the Overview chapter for a list of the payment methods supported by the Saferpay Shopify plugin.
  • Some supported payment methods might be missing from the list in the Shopify configuration because they are not supported by Shopify (either in general or depending on the region, currency and other factors). Unfortunately we have no control on this, however these payment methods will still work within Saferpay.
  • Currently, only the logos of the first four selected payment methods are displayed in the Shopify checkout page and the order cannot be customized. Unfortunately this is a limitation of Shopify which is outside of our control.
Step 8: Check "Enable test mode" if you wish to connect with the Saferpay Test Environment. Uncheck, if you want to go live. Testing in the Test Environment is optional.
Note that both environments are separate and need to be set up separately (see the next step). Also, note that your CustomerId and TerminalId are most likely different in these two environments.

Shopify onboarding inside Saferpay

Once you have set up Saferpay for your Shopify shop, you need to onboard yourself inside the Saferpay Backoffice (Live | Test). Please remember to perform the following steps in the correct Saferpay environment (live or test), depending on whether you enabled test mode in the Shopify configuration in the previous step.
Step 1: First, you need to create your Saferpay API credentials. For that, please navigate to Settings > JSON API basic authentication. Click on Create new JSON API login.
Step 2: While the user is pre-generated, you must define a password and a description, so that you can later remember for which purpose this login is used. Note the password down, as you will need it for the next steps!
Important: The password is only saved encrypted! Once you have created the new login, you cannot look your password up again, so please note your password down and keep it in a safe place.
Step 3: Navigate to Settings > Shop Plugins. There you will find Shopify. Click on Configure.
Step 4: Enter your JSON API user name, password and the Shopify Shared Secret, which you have configured previously. Click on Save.
Step 5: Enable Shopify.
Step 6: Saferpay will ask you for a confirmation. Confirm that you wish to activate the Shopify plugin by clicking on Activate.
All done. You are now ready to accept Saferpay payments through Shopify.